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Indoor Digital Timer - 7 Day Programmable

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Sale Price: $19.99
Item Number: 100052
Manufacturer: Victoriz
Manufacturer Part No: 1000011

About Indoor Digital Timer - 7 Day Programmable:


  • 7 DAY Program DIGITAL TIMER 125VAC 15A US Plug Switch!
  • 7 DAY Program Digital Timer 125V 15A US Power Outlet!!!
  • The timer has a LCD digital display and a real time clcok, has a dail for easy operating. Very easy to install.
  • Functions
      Technical Specials:
      Installation: Plug-in Type
      Supply: 125Vac
      Output Rating: 125Vac, 15A General Purpose or Resistive 125Vac, 1800W Tungsten, 125Vac, TV-5, 1/3 HP
      Programe Backup: Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
      Surrounding Temperature: - 10 C Degree to +55 C Degree
      Operational Accuracy: 1 Sec/day at 20 C degree
      Timer Storage Spaces: 6xOn, 6xOff
      Shortest Switching Time: 1 Min
      Special Functions: Multiple week-day group, daily and weekly programs
      Multiple Day Combinations: Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday, Monday-Saturday, Monday-Sunday

      NEW! All purpose for most electronic appliance, 7-DAY DIGITAL TIMER offered by Hydrofarm, Some orchid growers prefer the optional 7-day Digital Timer to water their system every several days rather than every day as with the regular system timer.

    Size: 1.0" x 1.0" x 1.0"

    Net Weight: 1.0 oz

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