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RCR123Ax2 + 110v-220V Chargerx1 -Gold Grand Power

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Sale Price: $19.99
Item Number: 100036
Manufacturer: Victoriz
Manufacturer Part No: 1000011

About RCR123Ax2 + 110v-220V Chargerx1 -Gold Grand Power:


  • About Regareable 3.6V and RCR123A Battery:
  • 4 pcs Brand New Rechargeable CR123A size Li-Ion Batteries with 3.6V working voltage ( 4.2V at peak) and 650 mAh capacity, so called RCR123A Li-Ion battery
  • Different from primary CR123A battery, RCR123A can be recharged up to 1000 times. One pcs RCR123A Li-Ion = 500 pcs CR123A Primary, and save you a fortune
  • Can replace the most of CR123A primary Lithium battery for digital camera
  • Can replace most of mini flash ligh which use CR123A , buy light bulb must be 7.2V above. Otherwise RCR123 battery may burn bulb with lower voltage rating.
  • Cell's dimension: 16mm Dia. x 32mm Len.
  • Weight: 17g or 0.6 Oz.
  • Burning time for each charging: about 45 minutes at 1.5Ampere.
  • Functions
      About Smart Charger:
      Intelligent travel charger for RCR123A Li-ion batteries, portable and elaborate with advanced switching power source technology. Support worldwide power from 100V - 240V AC
      Chargers 1 to 2 CR123A rechargeable batteries in 2-3 hours with smart auto cut-off function for safety.
      LED indicates charging status: Green for power connection; Orange for charging and Green again for completed charging.

    Size: 1.0" x 1.0" x 1.0"

    Net Weight: 1.0 oz

      Charge 3.6V RCR123A Li-ion rechargeable battery only. Never charge Li primary CR123A cell. Don't charge 3.0V Li-Ion RCR123 cell by this charger
      Please do not use other chargers to charge these batteries, we are not responsible for any damages caused by misusing.
      RCR123A voltage ( 3.6V) is higher than primary Lithium battery ( 3.0V ). It may burn some bulb of flash ligh. Please make sure you device can accept 3.6V volatge before use.
      Please recharge your battery immediately when light become dimming. Overdischarging will result in damage of battery
      Please avoid to keep flashligh on without attendant. Always keep flashligh off when you don't use it, which may damage Li-Ion battery and oxenon light

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