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Li-Polymer Battery Pack: 51.8V 10Ah( 518 Wh) with PCB and Durable PVC (14 x 9759156 14S)

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Sale Price: $548.00
Item Number: 100470
Manufacturer: Victoriz
Manufacturer Part No: 1000011


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About Li-Polymer Battery Pack: 51.8V 10Ah( 518 Wh) with PCB and Durable PVC (14 x 9759156 14S):


  • 51.8V Li-Polymer Battery pack is made of 14 pcs Li-Polymer 9759156 Cells
  • One Special 14 cells PCB with Equilibrium function is installed in battery pack to protect battery from over charger, overdischarger and over drian:
  • Overcharge protection voltage for single cell: 4.325V±0.025V
  • Overdischarge protection voltage for single cell: 2.50V±0.05V
  • Peak Voltage: 55V
  • Energy: 518 Wh
  • Cut-off voltafe: 35V
  • Continous discharging current: 20Amp
  • Max. discharging current: 40Amp
  • Two terminals from the pack:
  • One 6" long cable with DC connector(OD-5.5mm ID-2mm) ( black ) for charger
  • One pair silicon prewire Anderson Terminal is for discharging: - 8" long 14 AWG silicon pre-wires(Red-Positive Black-Negative) for connecting to your device
  • Please choose 1A/1.8A/2A 51.8V(48V) Smart Li-ion battery charger to charge this 51.8V 10Ah battery module. The charging time is about 12/7/6 hours


  • RC Robot: to drive DC motor < 1,000 W
  • Small size e-bike ( < 700C wheel )
  • It can be used an internal pack to drive 48V DC motor to achieve faster speed and power for RC toy

Size: 6.5" x 6.7" x 3.0"

Net Weight: 6.60 lbs

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